The results of our project

EU-CARES project results

Our cooperation results include measured improvements in youth workers and young people’s emotional, creative and social skills, like active participation and conflict resolution, raised awareness on human rights, reconciliation and collective trauma and shaping European collective identity with open transnational and intergenerational dialogues.

Virtual Handbook

The EU-CARES Virtual Handbook is a resource for capacity building of youth workers, young people, policymakers, local authorities and organisations across Europe.

e-Toolkit with Operational Curriculum

The EU-CARES e-Toolkit and operational curriculum drafted through a co-design process involving youth workers, art practitioners and storytelling experts. local authorities and organisations across Europe.

“We are all stories" Catalogue

The storytelling catalogue of artworks "We are all stories" produced as a result of the storytelling workshops for 105 young people in the EU-CARES project partner countries.
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