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Out of the Box International is Brussels based European Network bringing together different organisations advocating for a more innovative, citizen-centered and solidar policies on European and city level. Our main mission is to provide expertise, ICT tools and network for dissemination of research, trainings and innovative practices.


Sarajevo Meeting of Cultures (SMOC) is a NGO and non-profit organization founded in 2012 with an aim to promote the diverse culture of Bosnia and Herzegovina within and beyond its borders. The goal driven team with 25 plus years of collective experience is committed to support development of Higher Education, nonformal education and training, culture, CCI, tourism (adventure tourism, cultural tourism, industrial tourism, religious tourism, sports tourism, sustainable, war/red tourism), sport and social inclusion.


CESIE is a European Centre of Studies and Initiatives based in Palermo, Italy, founded in 2001. Our mission is to promote community development through capacity building and empowerment of individuals using innovative and participative approaches.

Intelektualet e rinj, Shprese

"IRSH" is an, independent,non-political and non-profit organization working in the promotion of democracy and human rights. Its strategy is to make the voice of citizens be heard in decision-making where the main target is young people IRSH aims to strengthen the youth voice by empowering them to influence decision-making processes for a good government


IDEA LAB FOUNDATION, is the social innovation alliance focusing on cross-sectorial cooperation bringing different actors on technological and non-technological innovation towards sustainable social development. Main activities are on developing policy analysis, publications, providing and organizing training courses, conferences and workshops on various themes referring to young and adult learners as well as young entrepreneurs. IDEA*LAB cooperates and organizes consultancy meetings with companies, capacity building of NGOs and other institutions bringing together young professionals, adult learners and NGO representatives, academicians, entrepreneurs to create synergy for social innovation and its methodologies with advanced research techniques that works professionally for knowledge-based development of European Society.


NGO founded 2010. in Montenegro. Our mission is “Youth as active and visible actors of civic society”. Our main goals are to promote a culture of non-violence, gender equality and peace, as well as to improve the position of youth through the youth policies and non-formal education. We develop the following programs: 1. Gender and Peace program, 2. Youth policies and youth participation, and 3. Counseling.

Centar za Socijalne Inovacije Centrifuga

Center for Social Innovations - Centrifuge is a non-political, non-governmental and non-profit organization. Ever since it was established in Belgrade in 2004 under the former name of Youth For Exchange and Understanding Serbia, the organisation has been highly motivated to become a part of the peaceful development process in the region and give its contribution to the accession of Balkan countries to the EU, driven by the notion that young people are catalysts of positive change in the society.


Perpetuum mobile - Institute for Youth and Community Development, Banja Luka is a civil society organization founded in 2006 in Banja Luka. Through educational, advocacy, research and development programs, the organization encourages healthy life values ​​of young people, work with talents, and civic and political participation, with the aim of creating a more responsible, tolerant and just society.
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