EU-CARES project consortium implemented an international training course for youth workers on using storytelling techniques to help young people to understand trauma and explore resilient community building. The international training course was based on a cooperative learning approach to promote a flexible and productive exchange of best practices and experiences. Overall objectives of the training course were:

  • define collective trauma, post-conflict reconciliation and human rights;
  • analyse collective trauma speeches and behaviours;
  • recognize a manifest or latent intergroup conflict to prevent new violence;
  • identify key dividers and connectors between young people from the different countries;
  • assess how youth workers can support reconciliation through storytelling, collective memory and mutual understanding of shared history;
  • explore storytelling techniques and tools;
  • testing of the e-Toolkit.

EU-CARES international training course has been implemented between 1-6 February 2024 in Palermo, brought together 35 highly motivated young people, activists, youth workers, storytellers and experts on innovative storytelling methods for reconciliation from Bosnia, Belgium, Italy, Albania, Serbia, Poland and Montenegro. As the main result of the training please stay tuned for the final publication E-toolkit with an Operational Curriculum on our website. For more insights please find out in our newsletter

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