EU-CARES empowers young people to become active reconciliation actors by engaging them through the world they understand (social media like Instagram, online video sharing platform like YouTube, streaming platform like Twitch, etc.) and through the tools that have the power to awaken the human soul – such as storytelling. Youth will be targeted and approached through channels they are familiar with, by using the language they know and understand. In light of this, the EU-CARES project aims at exploring together with youth workers the ample and alternative ways of communicating through various storytelling techniques, including digital storytelling.

During our events like Think Tanks, international training course, storytelling workshops and other activities there will be informative audio-visual content and interviews with participants from various stakeholders especially young people and women. We encourage everyone to subscribe on EU-CARES YOUTUBE CHANNEL and stay tuned for further outputs of EU-CARES as a highly innovative capacity building project in Western Balkans. Majority of the video content will also be having translations as well as subtitles integrated for higher reach-out to young people in the region and beyond.

Find out for more on EU-CARES video content here.

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